Paul Redmond

Producer, Writer and Composer

Paul, a tenor, was trained by late baritone and singing tutor, Martin Dempsey. He is best known as the singer/songwriter with international duo Essence. Together with Canadian soprano Karen Lynch, Paul has performed through Ireland, the United Kingdom, Canada, the USA and was the first Irishman to represent Ireland at the Nanning International music festival in China, performing before an audience of eighty thousand seated and over five hundred million watching live on Chinese television.

Although he has produced Essence’s concerts both nationally and internationally, this is Paul’s first major musical drama theatre production. He started working on the Promise nine years ago and has drawn his inspiration from the culture and history of his native Fingal, north county Dublin.

A strong feature of his concerts over the past nine years has been the performance of many of the songs from the musical and they have received wide critical acclaim. His novel of the Promise has just been published and already the previews has been described as a brilliant and powerful story.